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Portland Reassessment Map

Portland, Maine updated revaluated its homes after more than a decade, so scraped the tax data and mapped what houses gained and lost value

NBA Stats

A tool for visualizing NBA statistics, and a playground for me to test web databases and visualizations.


A simple, clean, easy to modify Slack chatbot

Radial Bracket

A radial, interactive NCAA tournament bracket visualizing Nate Silver's NCAA projections.

Canvas Tutorial

Make a Breakout clone with HTML5's <canvas> element

Bloom filters by example

A demonstration and explanation of how to use Bloom filters

Drawing Presentable Trees

Tree drawing algorithms actually have an interesting, long history, and are fun to implement.

Ignite Baltimore Talks

Two five minute, hopefully entertaining talks: The Malthusian Tower and Cognitive Bias and Cholera

NCAA Bracket Randomizer

Generate a random but reasonable NCAA bracket for your office pool


Viewji is a clone of most of NodeBox in javascript.


Use Puppeteer to Download your Strava Data (part 1)

Links for the week

Some tooltip options for d3


Make a grid choropleth with d3

Bundle d3 with esbuild

Making a US State Choropleth

Making a US Map for the web with D3

Working with Observable Plot

Imitating Sol LeWitt's Wall Drawing #1136 in Javascript